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ActivLine is Karnataka’s largest private Internet Service Provider. Today ActivLine has covered the entire Karnataka with over 75% of world-class optical fiber network Technology and Advance Wireless Technology. The technology deployed by ActivLine are connected through very reliable and high capacity Transmission links on optical fiber cables, providing high quality uninterrupted and reliable services. We are the first ISP in State with 100% wireless redundancy of our entire Fiber optics mesh network having more than STM4 bandwidth pool. In addition to this we offer various Data Connectivity and Internet services. We bring you the benefit of quick deployment of connectivity, hassle-free connectivity, Reliable and scalable solution on state of the art network backbone with highest uptime.


Internet Services Provider

RF and Fibre-Optic Infrastructure

High Speed Internet Services

ActivLine scalable bandwidth options give you the flexibility to pay only for what you need and to add capacity as your business grows.
While competing solutions promise high speed, an Internet through fibre-optic infrastructure offers the best combination of reliability, scalability, and bandwidth and cost effectiveness. Other Internet solutions often force companies to share bandwidth, meaning the highest speed may not be experienced at all times – especially during peak hours. DILL provides a dedicated internet through fiber-optic connection from your business to ActivLine’s network, leveraging our nationwide fibre backbone to provide the fast, reliable Internet connectivity your business depends on.
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