ActivLine Networks is committed to helping you maximize the return on your wireless broadband, mobile WiMAX, enterprise VPN or other investments benefiting from the IEEE 802.16d and 802.16e standards.ActivLine offers technical support services to help ensure that your ActivLine products operate efficiently, remain highly available, and benefit from the most up-to-date software releases.When choosing ActivLine, you have not only selected world-class products, but have also joined with a powerful technical support team experienced in supporting large scale broadband wireless access systems.ActivLine's technical support team is available to help with network configuration, implementation planning, problem resolution. Technical phone support is available, and offers quality technical support in accordance with generally recognized business practices and standards. Should you experience any ActivLine product problems please send an email to or contact us 1800 258 6488
At Activline, we are delighted to be a part of the ‘always on’ lives of academic communities. Our on-campus wireless Internet service provides instant plug and play access to students, faculty and staff members. Not just that our campus Wi-Fi subscribers can also remotely manage, track and bill their Internet use.
Via our wireless LAN, we can connect students in hostel rooms, classrooms, libraries and cafeterias to the virtual world of information, knowledge and entertainment. This translates into new revenue streams and sharp competitive recruiting edge for them because of a satisfied pool of students on campus.

Activline campus WiFi works well because of several benefits that we offer. These include: